He’s so good looking in Seasons Of Love even though his character was rather annoying at the start! Hahah!

Congratulations to him for winning Best Supporting Actor for AOD Awards!!!! ^^

I’m so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maggie bought me this from bkk!!!!! Yayyyy!!!!

omgggg!!!! i love the Fall collection!!! they are so cute!!!!!

i think i really miss this character…. 声声! ep4

He’s soooooooo good-looking in white! Even though he was tired, but he still gives his best.

i think this scene is so meaningful! i just love their interaction and expressions! 巴不得妈妈!ep3

He’s just so good-looking in this show!!!!! OMG~~~~~ 巴不得妈妈 ep2!

have never done screen caps for shows before… but i’m so tempted to do it for this show!!! missed seeing him when i was in hk…. but now that i can watch this on-screen…. nice!!!! 巴不得妈妈!!!

Super love this pix!! He’s just soooo good looking like that!!!!! ^^

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